Yale Y500 Key Safe Reviewed

Today I’m going to be casting my expert eye over the Yale Y500 Key Safe, which is part of our outdoor key safes category. This key safe is locked by a 4-wheel combination lock and can store up to 3 house keys.

It’s designed to be fitted to an exterior wall and serves as a convenience, whether you are worried about forgetting your keys and getting locked out or if you need to allow access to care workers or workmen, this is an ideal solution.

What's good

  • Price One of our lowest priced key safes and really does provide exceptional value for money compared to similar outdoor key safes.
  • Combination lock Operated by a 4-wheel combination lock. The code has to be entered in sequence, which is definitely a security advantage over push button key safes and is always my personal preference.
  • Ease of use It’s extremely easy to use. You can set your own code in 3 simple steps which can be repeated as many times as you like. There’s also a handy key hook inside for hanging your keys.
  • Fitting It’s incredibly easy to fit. The fixing kit included will securely fasten it to the wall and if you are handy with a drill, there’s no need for expensive call out charges by a professional.
  • Security One major advantage with this key safe is that it won’t close without scrambling the code. With others you can close the door but if you forget to scramble to code, somebody can easily come along and just open it. The fact that the door will not close will remind you to do this.

What's not so good

  • Size You could be fooled into thinking that there’s more space to store your keys. This is quite a large key safe in comparison to other similar key safes, but there is only the capacity to store up to 3 house keys. Although there is extra height available for longer keys the depth is very narrow. The vast majority of this product is casing, which is pleasing to the eye but unnecessary. You will not be able to store your car keys, with a key fob.
  • Packaging Getting into the blister packaging can be quite difficult, which has been likened to “breaking in to Fort Knox”. However, with a strong pair of scissors and willpower, you will get there, eventually.


This is a well built, attractive and competitively priced key safe that I would recommend to anyone who needs to store up to 3 household keys. It’s not suitable if you need store car keys with a large key fob and I’d suggest you take a close look at the internal dimensions just to be safe. The key hook is very useful and makes it easy to hang your keys and take them back out again when you need them.

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