Master Lock LCFW30100 Water & Fireproof Document Box Review

Designed by Master Lock to protect documents & valuables from theft, fire, and water damage, the LCFW30100 offers all the security you could ask for in a portable document box. We’ve asked our security experts to take this fireproof box through its paces to give you the low-down on price, performance, and usability. Read on to learn where this portable document safe excels, and whether it’s one of the best portable safes on the market.

What's good

  • Price You’d be hard pushed to find this cheaper anywhere else and compared to other fire safes the LCFW30100 offers exceptional value for money.
  • Size The internal space allows you to place A4 documents flat without the need to fold them which is vital for important paper work.
  • Protection 60 minutes fire protection is exceptional compared to other fire chests, many of which only offer 30 minutes protection. As well as paperwork and valuables, the LCFW30100 will protect digital media such as disks and hard drives. The fact that it is also waterproof is an added bonus meaning that in the event of a flood you are also protected.
  • Reliability Master Lock offer a lifetime after fire replacement guarantee. In the event of a fire, the outside of the chest will be damaged for sure, and will be inoperable afterwards. The important thing is that the contents inside remain intact. House fires can cause a lot of distress but replacing your fire chest is one less financial worry.

What's not so good

  • Weight This is supposed to be a ‘portable’ fire chest but at 14kg most people would struggle to take this any further than across the office or to the next room. The reason that this is heavier than other models is because the inner body is filled with a dense fireproof composite to offer a higher level of fire protection.
  • Operation You must apply downward pressure on the lid, after turning the key, before you can click the the open button on the inside of the door handle. This is not immediately obvious but once you’ve got the hang of it, it wont cause you too much of a problem.
  • Security The LCFW30100 is not security rated. If you want to store high value items such as expensive jewellery, then my advice would be to go for a home safe rather than a fire chest. Also, there is no facility to bolt down or secure this fire chest to anything.


Taking everything into account, if you’re after a a fire chest to protect your important documents then this is the one to go for. The price is excellent, it offers the best level of protection and with the after fire replacement guarantee you really can’t go wrong. It isn’t that portable but if you want the high level of fire protection then its a compromise that you will have to make.

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