Chubbsafes Alpha Plus 2E Reviewed

Today I’m going to be casting my expert eye on the Chubbsafes Alpha Plus 2E; a high security home safe by Chubbsafes, designed to protect cash and valuables from theft and fire.

This particular safe has been rated for protecting up to £3,000 and 30 minutes fire protection for important paperwork and like most security safes, it can be bolted to a solid surface.

What's good

  • Electronic lock The safe is operated by a battery powered electronic lock, which is always my personal preference over basic key locking because you can set your own code to something that only you will know.
  • Ease of use There is an LCD display showing the code that’s been entered so you know when you’ve pressed the wrong key. Using the safe is very simple and the automatic door opening is a nice feature. When you enter the correct code, the door automatically opens.
  • Fitting There are fixing holes in the back and the base for floor or wall installation, which is a real advantage as most fire safes can only be installed to the floor or not at all.
  • Protection This safe gives you piece of mind because it protects against both theft and fire by offing 30 minutes fire protection and a £3,000 cash rating. The door is 6mm thick and the the locking bolts are 25mm in diameter, reassuring you that this is a quality safe that will be hard to break in to.
  • Design This is a particularly good looking safe, although not the most important factor when choosing a safe, but Chubbsafes have defiantly made an effort to make this easy on the eye.

What's not so good

  • User guide The user guide is very vague and some customers have found them difficult to understand. They’ve been produced to cater for all nationalities and show images rather than text. We’re experts when in comes to talking customers though setting the code, so feel free to contact us if you’re struggling.
  • Size As with all safes with fire protection and high security, the walls are quite thick and although it looks like a large safe, the space inside is smaller than you’d expect. You can’t fit an A4 document in this safe without folding it, so be sure to check the internal dimensions.


This is a quality safe made by well recognised brand, Chubbsafes. It’s great for home use, where high security and fire protection is needed. It’s well built and attractive and will provide many years of service. There are 2 other sizes in the Alpha Plus series if you need more storage space.

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