Week 1

National Home Security Month is back and week one is designed to create awareness of how likely you are to be burgled. The clocks go back this month and with the nights getting darker for longer, burglaries increase by approximately 20%. There are over 1 million attempted burglaries in the UK each year with 573,000 confirmed incidents of domestic burglary (Year ending March 2014).

Fortunately, not all burglary attempts are successful. The security measures that some home owners have in place will foil burglars attempts to break in. Installing burglar alarms, spot lights and British Standard Door Locks are just a sample of Crime watcher appthings that you can do to improve home security.

Yale have designed a fantastic Crime Watcher app which allows you to find the crime statistics in your area by typing in your post code. The app will show you how many burglaries have taken place in your area for the previous month, highlighting the importance of adequate home security.

Throughout National Home Security Month we’ll be offering tips and advice for improving security to give you the best chance of avoiding burglary. Don’t become a statistic!

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