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The main focus for National Home Security Month Week 4 is outdoor security. Statistics show that burglaries increase by 20% at this time of the year with thieves taking advantage of the darker nights. There has been a 17% increase in garden theft over the last five years with a reported 1 in 5 home owners being a victim of garden theft or vandalism. There are steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of theft such as fitting a lock to your gate. A reported 37% of people don’t have any lock to secure their garden.

You can increase your outdoor security by following the advice below…

  • Don’t leave valuables in a shed unless they are secure. Use a padlock with a hardened hasp & add shades to windows.
  • Always shred important documents before putting in the rubbish.
  • Always lock bikes away in your house or shed, these are easy targets – How to secure your bike.
  • Overgrown gardens, bushes, trees & alleyways offer the perfect hiding location for a burglar.
  • Close garden gates, they are a psychological barrier that can deter burglars.
  • Close and lock windows when out of the house.
  • Don’t leave tools around the house, such as ladders, as they can be used by burglars to break in.
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