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The final week of National Home Security Month takes a look at the future of home security as consumers become more technology minded and security aware. There are a wide range of security products and gadgets available, designed to make life easier, including digital door locks where you can open the door at the touch of a button or home alarm and CCTV systems that can be controlled and monitored by an app on your smart phone.

keyfree2The way that we secure our homes is changing with manufacturers investing time and money in creating innovative new products to help us secure our homes. The Yale Keyfree is the very latest in door security by Yale. This type of door lock allows you to operate your front door by remote control, in the same way that you lock and unlock you car. The Yale Keyfree is the ideal solution if you want to leave the house without taking a set of keys, for example, if you’re going for a run or taking the dog for a walk.

Remember that house burglaries increase by 20% this time of year as thieves hide under the cover of darkness. Make sure your home is secure!

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