Burton Aver S2 2E Reviewed

Today I’m going to be taking a closer look at the Burton Eurovault Aver S2 2E, a medium level security safe designed to keep irreplaceable and valuable items out of the hands of a burglar.

This safe is ideal for the home or for use within a business setting for protecting items such as cash and jewellery. There is an electronic combination lock, so you can programme your own code and the safe is insurance rated for up to £4,000 cash or £40,000 for valuables.

What's good

  • Security This safe has a pretty good security rating and is conveniently light, making it easier to carry to your desired location. A £4,000 cash rating makes this safe part of our medium security level of safes, giving you the peace of mind that this safe will protect your treasured items better than a standard security safe.
  • Testing This safe boasts a pretty impressive list of official bodies who recommend it. There is an S2 £4,000 cash rating which passes European testing by ECBS to EN14450 standard. It’s approved by the Association of Insurance Surveyors (AiS) and is Police approved to Secured by design standard.
  • Locking As well as an electronic combination lock, the door also includes an impressive 4 large locking bolts, with drill protection on lock and bolt work which gives reassurance that the door is secure when locked.
  • Installation You can install this safe to the floor or the wall because there are holes in the back and base. This is a massive advantage in my opinion because it gives more flexibility as to where you locate it. Like all safes, you need something solid to bolt it to which is not always possible if you want a safe located upstairs and there is only the provision for floor fixing. Who has a concrete floor upstairs? I don’t! Having the option to bolt to a brick wall adds a level of convenience that is not always possible with this level of security.
  • User friendly Setting your own code is really easy to do and doesn’t require a degree to understand the user instructions. However, if you do have any issues, we are always more than happy to talk you through the process over the phone.

What's not so good

  • Interior There is no felt lining inside to protect delicate items such as an expensive watch or an item of jewellery. To protect these from damage as well as theft, you will need to place them in a separate bag or box. We do however have a wide range of security safes that are carpet lined. My advice is to add you own piece of felt to the bottom of the safe which is relatively inexpensive.
  • Fire protection There is no fire rating on offer with this safe meaning items are protected from theft but not from fire.


To summarise, this is a pretty impressive safe which has decent security testing and is recommended by the police and most insurance companies. The safe feels and looks extremely secure and is very user friendly and easy to install. The inside of the safe is a bit plain which isn’t an issue when your main priority is to keep your valuables safe. If you’re looking for a good, strong safe for your home, then this is the one that I would recommend.

For more information or to purchase the Burton Eurovault Aver S2 2E click here.

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