On 21st and 22nd October our MD had lots of radio interviews to discuss our latest piece of research. In a nutshell, it showed that we are a blasé nation when it comes to protecting our homes and possessions.

National statistics show that a whopping 188,792 domestic burglaries took place in England alone between July 2014 and June 2015. Despite this, and the research showing nearly ¾ of Brits know somebody who has been burgled, only ¼ have security alarms fitted to their homes. Even more worrying, perhaps, is that more than a quarter admitted to having left their house with the back door unlocked.

Here’s our info graphic to highlight the most shocking statistics:

Safe Infographic Winter

October is National Home Security Month so, if you’re at all unsure on anything security-related, there’s no better time to find information.

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