A young elementary boy delighted at seeing a boxed gift under his parents' bed.

With Christmas just around the corner, have you had a good think about where you’re going to keep presents hidden away, safe and sound from inquisitive little eyes?

Part of the fun of Christmas is choosing gifts that your friends and family are going to love, but if you’ve got young children then half the battle is always going to be keeping the gifts hidden until the big day! A survey by Debenhams last year revealed the top 10 places parents kept Christmas presents. Top of the wardrobe was top of the list, would you hide your presents there? What about in the garden shed? Doesn’t seem like the safest option, we’d much rather choose somewhere with a bit more security, especially with us spending hundreds of pounds of gifts alone!

Here are some ideas for keeping your presents under wraps…

The attic

Cliché tales from over the years should be enough to spook children and stop them from going in the attic, and not to mention the safety implications of them going up there alone. This could be a great place to keep presents hidden until Christmas if you have some space up there! Even better, keep them in your suitcases in the attic and they’ll be kept safe from dust and other possible critters!

Send them to Grandmas

If your children are particularly sneaky, they will likely be searching high and low for any sign of presents! Why not throw them off the scent altogether and keep the presents at a relative’s house if they live nearby?  

Hide them high

This one is especially useful if you’ve got young (small) children – as long as you push them out of plain site, you should get away with hiding presents on tops of wardrobes, pantry shelves or closet shelves. Just make sure you can’t see them from ground level or you’ll have a disaster on your hands if small children spot them and try to climb up! Although not the safest place, you could make use of old (and ‘boring’) boxes and place presents in these before hiding them up high.

In the boot of the car

This could be a great option if you don’t often need the boot space in your car. Keep presents hidden here until the last opportunity before sneaking them in the house on Christmas Eve!

At the office

Depending on how much desk space and how big your presents are, you could simply keep them in your desk! It makes sense, you’re sat with them for the majority of the day so you can keep an eye on them and know they’re not being discovered by little rascals.

And if you want to keep them really safe and secure, or if you’ve treated your special someone to a particularly special (and pricey) something…

Lock them in your safe!

As soon as you get lazy with your present hiding, your children will be on to you! Keeping them under the bed will just not cut it any more…

Are you guilty of leaving Christmas presents in easy-to-find places? Have your children ever found them? If so what was your excuse?! We’d love to hear from you! @TalkWithSafe on Twitter and let’s discuss #ChristmasUnwrapped.

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