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With Mother’s Day nearly upon us, we couldn’t think of a better time to launch our #TreasuredMemories campaign and get the conversation flowing… We want to encourage people and families to capture modern life so that future generations can look back on history just like we’re lucky enough to do today.

We would love to hear what you’re up to this Mother’s Day, let us know on Twitter @TalkWithSafe! You can keep up to date with what we’ll be up to on there too.

So what’s the campaign all about?

In a busy world it’s so easy to forget to stop and appreciate the little things – we take 100s of photos but often don’t take the time to revisit them! So whether that’s sitting down together to look over photo albums or simply making more time to create them in the first place, making ‘Treasured Memories’ to enjoy for years to come is something we’re working towards this year at Safe. We tend to keep valuable items locked up securely, but forget that sentimental items are impossible to replace, so it’s up to us to keep them safe for future generations.

We’re kicking off the campaign with a Mother’s Day launch, before exploring wider themes of ancestry and childhood to really inspire people to talk about the memories they hold dearest. Keep an eye out as we’ll be up to all sorts of exciting and thought-provoking activity over the next few months to encourage people to make more treasured memories!

You can get involved too!

We’d love to hear your #TreasuredMemories to help us celebrate Mother’s Day and beyond – so share yours with us on Twitter @TalkWithSafe and Facebook, past or present, and let’s make this the year of championing memories!

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