Thousands of students around the country will soon be heading to university with their belongings in tow; laptops, tablets, phones, printers, cameras, maybe even some nice jewellery – the list goes on. These items hold significant monetary (and often sentimental) value – something thieves are very aware of within shared accommodation and student halls.

Unfortunately, security of belongings is something that often gets overlooked when students and parents are compiling lists of what they’ll need when term starts, so we’ve rounded up a few low-cost items that will keep belongings secure. That’s one less thing to worry about!

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Value Laptop

Value Laptop Safe
By Yale

Suitable for laptops and tablets, the battery-powered Yale Value Laptop Safe has an electronic combination lock. At 43cm wide and 20cm call, it can be easily hidden in a cupboard, or under a desk or bed.

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Motion detector alam

Motion Detector Alarm
By Yale

Designed for single room use either wall-mounted or freestanding, the Yale Motion Detector Alarm is wire-free and easy to install. The siren hits 100db when triggered making it the perfect low-cost security companion in shared accommodation.

RRP £74.95 Buy Online

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Smart Living IP Camera
By Yale

The Yale Smart Living IP Camera’s high quality HD720 resolution recording begins when motion is detected, automatically uploading to a free DropBox account via wi-fi connection. Footage can then be viewed from the Yale Smartphone app. Designed for single room use, this smart camera also has a mic and speaker allowing you to hear and talk back to the camera and is enabled with night vision.

RRP £25.52 Buy Online

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Venice 82 Laptop Bag
By Phoenix

Ideal for storing most 17″ laptops or tablets, the Phoenix Venice 82 Laptop Bag has been designed with three compartments and secured by a unique steel tethering cable system which can be locked to any fixed point using your own combination. There is also a high quality chrome user-changeable combination lock for added security.

RRP £59.99 Buy Online

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Waterproof Fire Chest
By Master Lock

The Master Lock LCHW20101 Waterproof Fire Chest is designed for up to 30 minutes’ fire protection for paper, CDs, DVDs, USBs, external hard drives and up to 24 hours’ protection from water submersion. Its portable, lightweight design makes it ideal for keeping under desks, beds or on top of wardrobes.

RRP £49.50 Buy Online

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Keyless Digital Lock
By Yale

The Yale Keyless Digital Lock is designed to work with night latches that are commonly found on student accommodation and is suitable for external doors and weather resistant. With 1,000,000 possible combinations, this digital lock is a safe bet for shared accommodation.

RRP from £78.83 Buy Online

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Bubblegum Pink
By Phoenix

A great starter safe, the Phoenix Bubblegum Safe is compact in dimension and contains a cash rating of £1,000 or valuables rating of £10,000, making it ideal for smaller personal valuables or currency. Money can be inserted via the deposit slot and access is via a user-changeable PIN code. The safe also comes with a backup key, just in case. Also available in blue or yellow.

RRP £34.99 Buy Online

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It seems silly to risk losing sentimental and expensive items when it can be so easily avoided. If you have any questions about student security or need advice on what products might be best for you, don’t hesitate to give our experts a call and they’ll get you kitted out faster than you can say FRESHERS WEEK!

Follow us on Twitter @TalkWithSafe for more security tips and keep up to date with our latest campaign #TreasuredMemories – we’re championing sentimental items and encouraging people to keep them safe!

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