When you think about Christmas, do you look forward to wrapping up warm and exploring festive markets, spending time with loved ones and enjoying the delicious seasonal foods? But what about when it comes to Christmas presents? Are you a parent panicking at the thought of the expense this year? It’s easy to understand why children get carried away with their wish list. In an era of big brands with heavy advertising, children are all too aware of the presents they could brag about in the playground come January or, a harder reality for parents, the ones they could miss out on.

Christmas is a lovey time of year, but it’s also known as a bit of a chore for parents. The relatives are coming to stay, you’re hosting Christmas dinner and you’re desperately hoping your children will be happy with the gifts you’ve chosen. With the pressure firmly on, we set out to discover just how much parents are spending on their children at Christmas. Our research revealed that half of parents go over-budget when buying presents for their children, and not just marginally – as much as £800 in some cases, and a hefty £143 on average. Considering the average amount spent on each child is £204, it means we’re over-spending significantly.

Have you thought about what gifts you’re going to buy this year? In light of our research, it seems that parents are just not able to keep up with their children’s demands, with 70% of parents admitting their children’s wishes are too expensive or outlandish.


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