Last week we travelled up the road to the Roebuck Primary School to help them create a time capsule, filled to the brim with school memories, predictions for the future and a few little extras…

As part of our Treasured Memories campaign, we wanted to team up with a local school for this exciting project and get the children thinking about the importance of keeping sentimental items safe for future generations to enjoy.

We donated one of our Phoenix key locking safes to the school (we didn’t want to worry about electronics failing decades down the line!) and worked with Year 6 teacher Colin Moss and teaching assistant Aaron Smart and their pupils on a list of items to include. The school was a great fit for the project because it is currently undergoing extensive renovations and so the safe will be hidden away in a part of the newly renovated Year 6 classroom.

Mr Moss and Mr Smart have spent the past few weeks encouraging their students to think about the value of understanding generations gone by and keeping memories alive for future generations.

Here’s a list of the items the pupils came up with that they thought were most important to keep safe:

  • A current school t-shirt signed with messages from the year group
  • A copy of the day’s Lancashire Evening Post
  • Letters from each class member addressed to future pupils of the school, with descriptions of what school life is like in 2017, as well as some predictions for the future!
  • Copies of the current curriculum and example SATs tests which they’re having a practise of this week
  • School medals and class certificates
  • Photos of the students

It’s been a whole school effort and ever since we approached Mr Moss with the idea, the children have been badgering him and Mr Smart about what items they can lock away in the time capsule. Foundation class caught wind of it and even donated some of their precious Lego to keep safe for future Roebuck pupils!

We were really humbled to see the children genuinely excited about making the effort to conserve their treasured school memories. Many of the pupils chatted to us afterwards, asking questions about people from the future and wondering what life will be like in 50 years’ time.

Watch this space – we’ll endeavour to be there for the grand reveal in 2067…!

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