The rise of e-commerce and online shopping has increased the opportunities for postal theft and identity fraud. There are now 162 million people active on eBay, a number that is constantly increasing. Not only are more products being shipped via mail order than ever before, but the value of the goods being shipped via Royal Mail continues to increase.

Not only are valuable packages an easy target for thieves, but identity theft is also a common aim of postal thieves. If a bank statement, cheque, or similar document containing bank details is taken, thieves have access to all of the information they need to set up a fraudulent direct debit in your name.

Depending on your bank, replacement cards often require no activation unless you have requested a new PIN, so stolen contactless debit cards can allow thieves to make fraudulent purchases until they’re properly cancelled. It makes sense, therefore, to make sure nobody can reach your post other than yourself.

Shared Accommodation?

If you live in a block of flats or similar where communal areas are shared you are at a greater risk of falling victim to post theft. With so many residents and guests passing through communal areas, it isn’t difficult for an opportunist to take your parcel or bank statement and go unnoticed.

We would recommend speaking to your landlord about installing a multi-occupancy post box which will keep your post secure and is only accessible by you. These products are great for letters, magazines and small parcels but not so good for larger parcels. In this case we would recommend one of our parcel post boxes.

Home & Dry, or Out in the Cold?

This can be a matter of personal taste, as well as depending upon what available space there is for mounting your post box. If your post box is going to be in a sheltered spot or indoors, most post boxes will be fine, however if you plan to mount your post box on a gate or outside the door you’ll need a good weather-resistant post box. These keep rainwater out, so your post is not only away from prying hands, but also unlikely to be damaged by poor weather.

Staying Secure

No matter how resilient even stainless steel post boxes are, there remains the chance that a crafty thief may try fishing around for letters via the letter slot. Some post boxes are now fitted with anti-fishing flaps. The B410 and B700 Brabantia post boxes both feature anti-fishing flaps to counteract this approach.

If, regardless of this, you’re happy to carry on using the letter box in your entrance door to receive post, then it might be worth considering fitting a letter cage. By capturing your post, letter cages stop post spreading across hallway when you’re out, which can clue burglars that your house is unoccupied and currently an easy target.

With professional installation available with many of our post boxes, a secure mail box is a simple and effective way to improve your home and financial security. If you have any questions about the right post box for the job, read through our post box buying guide, or contact the team.

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