Father’s Day is all about making your dad feel special. Whether you’ve got something planned, or you’re just going to wing it on the day, make sure you’ve got a great gift to make him smile! Here’s our list of suggestions for something a little different this year…

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Personalised Sign Wave Print by House of Yve
© House of Yve

Personalised Sound Wave Print
by House of Yve, RRP £30

Everyone has a certain song that brings back memories. Why not capture the song that your dad loves or reminds him of his youth with a beautiful personalised metallic sound wave print? Every time he sees it he’ll be reminded of the good times.

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RRP £74.99

If the dad in question has young kids, then there’s nothing better than a gift to bring them together on Father’s Day. Build memories together with a LEGO set like this one, or for something more complicated, try constructing Dad’s favourite car with a Ferrari F40 set.

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Beard Oil
© Beard Oil by Kiehl’s

Beard Oil
By Kiehl’s, RRP £22

If your dad is rocking some facial fuzz, then a spot of beard oil to keep it soft, comfortable and smelling good will be perfect. Kiehl’s is a well-known pharmacy brand that offers all sorts of skin care products, and their beard oil has a blend of cedarwood, sandalwood and eucalyptus for a smooth touch!

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Grow Club Discovery Box
© Seed Pantry

Grow Club Discovery Box
By Seed Pantry, RRP £12.99 per month

Green-fingered fathers are in for a treat with the grow club discovery box. Designed for people wanting to grow food and flowers at home, the grow club sends out boxes at the right time so your dad can get stuck and grow new seeds straight away.

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Simla Socks by Rory Hutton
© Simla Socks by Rory Hutton

Simla Socks
By Rory Hutton, RRP £10

No Father’s Day is complete without a pair of socks. Instead of going for the same old multipack, treat your dad to a pair of luxury socks with a charming pattern, like these stylish socks from Rory Hutton.

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Firestar by Safe
© Firestar by Safe

Firestar Safe
By Safe, RRP £189

If your dad is the organised type, then give him a safe for Father’s Day. Make sure he can keep those treasured memories safe from harm’s way with this fire and security safe. With a galvanised steel plate and fire-resistant material, there’s nowhere better to keep important documents and precious family mementos.

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Whatever your plans, we hope you have a fun-filled day celebrating with family! We’d love to see what you get up to so share your snaps with us on Twitter @TalkWithSafe and use the hashtag #TreasuredMemories.

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