Summer holiday season is upon us and whether you’re travelling as a couple or a family, going on holiday never seems to go entirely smoothly. We’ve done a bit of digging into this as part of our #SafeTravels campaign, and have found that almost half of us feel anxious when we leave the house for our getaways and – much to the annoyance of our travel companions – one in three of us have to return home to check we haven’t left the oven on or the taps dripping!

And we really don’t help ourselves, with the chaos starting long before the trip to the airport. From the one in 10 of us who have to order an emergency passport, to the 20 per cent of us jetting off without travel insurance (yikes!), we’re not making our lives any easier so it’s not surprising we’re a nation of self-created worry warts.

The beauty of holidays is their ability to help us switch off from ‘real life’, get some well-deserved chill time and, naturally, a chance to gloat. In an era of selfies and hashtags, holiday snaps offer a prime opportunity to brag and are prolific across our social media feeds. Unsurprisingly this plays straight into the hands of burglars who only have to take one look at your accounts to see you’re away and your home is free for the taking – something celebrities are widely publicised for falling victim to.

Considering over a third of us admit to leaving for holiday without any home security in place, it’s not looking good for an insurance-claim-free homecoming, which is why we’re championing #SafeTravels this summer.

So next time you’re getting ready to jet off – just remember to give yourself the time you need to be suitably prepared! Make sure you’ve got travel insurance, give your home security a sweeping check and don’t tweet the burglar!!

Get in touch on Twitter @talkwithsafe if you need any more advice, and don’t forget to share your treasured family memories with us when you’re back from your hols! We’ll be releasing details of our competition very soon…

Safe travels!

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