As Halloween and Bonfire night are statistically the worst days for Burglary, during week 5 on National Home Security we’re focusing on staying safe during the spooky season!

  1. It sounds obvious but as we’ve already learnt this month, 16% of people admit to leaving their homes with their doors or windows unlocked, before you go out trick or treating ensure your doors and windows are locked and secure.
  2. Consider investing in a letter plate restrictor to stop thieves from fishing keys or accessing the door lock.
  3. If you want to avoid trick or treaters this year your local police constabulary may be able to provide a “No Trick or Treaters” sign for you to display.
  4. Its unrealistic to suggest for you to not share your Halloween plans on social media but rather than telling the world where you are planning on going. i.e. telling them your house is empty and vulnerable, why not wait until after your home!


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