You may remember back in March we announced our sponsorship of Heart Radio North West’s morning ‘Time Tunnel’, providing us with lots of chatter in the office and opportunities to quiz each other on music of times gone by! It was a great addition to our Treasured Memories campaign which we’re proud to have been championing for nearly two years now.

We loved being a part of this celebratory nostalgia so have extended our sponsorship up until the first week in December, with a fresh message. As the nights get darker and the risk of burglary rises, it’s our job to help you get secured for winter, which is why we’re encouraging people to protect their valued and treasured possessions.

Have you heard us on Heart 105.4? Get in touch on Twitter @TalkWithSafe with your Time Tunnel guesses every weekday at 9am, or tune in on an evening from 7pm to hear us before you get settled for the night!

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