We’re Proud to Launch Our New Video

We’re delighted to reveal our new video asset, which will be featured across the All 4 Video On Demand platform, as well as across social media and content sharing services.

The idea behind the video stems from the well-known saying ‘your home is your castle’ and we know that all the things you treasure live at home, from your family to your valuables.

The video has been designed and developed to show ways in which creating a safe and secure home might be achieved. Moats and dragons are impractical, (and expensive!), so we’ve used a stylised, modern digital animation to demonstrate how CCTV, wi-fi cameras, safes and smart locks can be utilised throughout the home and integrated your day-to-day life.

We’re incredibly proud of the video and it can be viewed on YouTube, as well as the other channels mentioned above.

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