How to Protect Yourself from the Grinch this Christmas

Here at Safe we love a classic Christmas film, but some of them bring with them a warning – protect your home this Christmas! We take a look at how Christmas films portray property crime and how you can protect your home from the real-life intruders.

The Grinch

The Grinch leads the way when it comes to stealing Christmas- not only does he disguise himself as Santa with a makeshift sleigh, but he uses his cover-up as a way into the Whos’ houses. Causing absolute uproar and chaos on Christmas Day, could the Whos have prevented this from happening?

Any Who home should consider motion lights, smart locks, and a home security system installation to make sure this sort of break-in doesn’t happen in the future.

Home Alone

Kevin McCallister in Home Alone demonstrates home security at its finest- deterring burglars by proactively cutting out cardboard cutouts to look like people in the home are dancing, to turning all the lights on in the home, playing loud music and switching on the TV.

To prove to the McCallister’s family that Kevin is fine on his own, a CCTV kit would allow the family to view their home from a smartphone, whilst installing a Burglar Alarm would scare away any unwanted guests.

Real life Burglary Tips

Keeping your home secure at Christmas is not an exact science, however, there are lots of common-sense measures that can be adopted and devices available that better protect a property.

We understand we don’t live in a Christmas film, but a film like The Grinch can teach us just how easy it is for someone to break in and ruin Christmas.

The festive period is sadly a time when burglars are increasingly likely to strike, but hopefully by taking a few small steps homeowners can reduce the chance of falling victim and have the peace of mind to concentrate on enjoying Christmas.   

  1. Keep those gifts hidden from under the tree. Brits are unwillingly enticing burglars into their homes this Christmas with 35% of Brits admitting they place their Christmas presents under the tree placed in front of their window.

  2. Don’t broadcast your location via social media over the festive season. The research revealed one in three Brits post photos on their social accounts, tagging in their location without thinking who is viewing them.

  3. Consider investing in a home security upgrade that won’t cost the earth. From smart alarms that allow you to view your home remotely over Christmas via smartphone, through to safes that keep expensive gifts like jewellery secure.

  4. It sounds obvious, but whilst hosting parties it’s easy to leave windows and doors open. Keeping them locked at all times is essential as police figures reveal that an open door is one of the top ways for burglars to gain entry.

  5. When you’ve unwrapped those expensive gifts, don’t advertise them to criminals by leaving the packaging propped up next to a bin. Research reveals that sadly 27% of homeowners admit to leaving boxes in plain sight outside their home.



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