Your home is more vulnerable in winter. With the nights closing in and giving burglars more cover for longer, it’s the perfect opportunity to scope out your home for the valuables that might be inside.

Since the pandemic started, crime in general has reduced because more people are spending time at home. However, burglars are opportunists. And according to our property report, almost two thirds of people still don’t have a burglar alarm protecting their home. If a burglar sees a vulnerable home without a home alarm, they’re much more likely to target that home over one that does have an alarm system in place.

To help you decide which burglar alarm is the right one for you and your property, we’ve put together our top 10 best burglar alarms for a variety of budgets, and property types.


1. Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm Family Kit IA-320

Ideal for protecting homes with outbuildings, the Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm Family Kit IA-320 has a wireless range of up to 200m. This kit works with Amazon Alexa and Phillips Hue for easy use and even has optional smoke sensors available too. A highly recommended alarm kit that has a battery-powered outdoor siren, it’s ideal to suit average-sized homes and has no monthly fees.


2. Veho Cave Smart Home Alarm Pro Kit

Offering excellent value for money, the Veho Cave Smart Home Alarm Pro Kit is completely controlled by smartphone app and can be armed and disarmed via remote control. This kit comes pre-connected so installation is easy, and can connect up to 99 sensors for maximum coverage. It has a 200m wireless range, which is perfect for protecting homes, garages and any other outbuildings.

Ideal for pet-owners, the kit has pet friendly PIRs which ignore small pets whilst still detecting larger movement. Owners can be safe in the knowledge that it is backed up by a sim card in case of any Wi-Fi failure. The siren can be either battery powered, or mains powered.

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3. Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm Family Plus IA-330

The ideal burglar alarm kit for the larger family home, this kit comes equipped with a real, battery-powered siren box as well as a dummy siren box for that added visual deterrent on another side of the house. The PIR motion detectors and door sensors, the 200m wireless range, and integration with Amazon Alexa and Philips Hue means that the kit can be adapted to suit your needs, so your whole home feels protected.

This alarm kit is a DIY Week Award Winner 2019.

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4. ERA HomeGuard Smart Alarm Pro – Superior Kit

The best-selling model of the Homeguard range, this burglar alarm kit allows you to not only protect your home, but other locations too, like the home office at the bottom of your garden or the garage. You can choose who gets access to your home, which is perfect if you have lots of visitors, like health carers or builders, and there’s an access log, which tells you who accessed your property and when.

It includes components additional to other standard alarms, such as RFID tags, remotes and an RFID-compatible wireless keypad. The backup sim card activates in case of Wi-Fi failure and the siren is solar powered, so there’s no need to climb ladders to change batteries.

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5. Yale HSA-6610 Smart App Alarm Kit

Offering excellent value for money for those on a budget, this burglar alarm kit is wireless and easy to install, which means you don’t have to fork out for the services of an electrician. All components are pre-linked with a 30 metre wireless range, making this system ideal for smaller properties. The kit includes five components, but can connect with up to 20, allowing you to tailor the system to your needs.

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6. ERA Protect Alert Smart Alarm System

Designed to work in tandem with CCTV, the ERA Protect Alert Smart Alarm System seamlessly connects to up to four ERA cameras, which allows the user to create a smart security solution for the whole home. The alert model includes all components for an average-sized home, including a battery-powered outdoor siren. It works with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, has a back-up sim card in case of Wi-Fi failure and is pet friendly as standard. It’s available as a standalone system or with optional benefits with the ERA Protect Plus subscription.

ERA protect plus benefits include cloud backup for videos captured via the cameras for seven or 30 days depending on the package. It also comes with cellular backup so that alarm notifications can be received even when the Wi-Fi is down and the Premium package is available with professional monitoring for the ultimate in home security.

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7. ERA Homeguard Smart Alarm Pro – Premium Kit

Similar to the Superior Kit, the ERA Homeguard Smart Alarm Pro Premium Kit is a popular choice for medium-sized homes.

Equipped with PIR motion detectors, door sensor contacts, a solar-powered siren, and remote keyfobs, this kit allows full home protection. It’s easy to use software is adaptable to both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and it ignores any small pets. The alarm comes with no monthly fees and a backup sim card in case the Wi-Fi fails.

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8. Veho Cave Smart Home Alarm & E27 Bulb Kit

This kit not only allows you to monitor and protect your home, but the E27 smart bulbs mean that you can use it to change your lighting as well, an added deterrent to burglars.

As well as including two smart bulbs, the Veho Cave Smart Home Alarm and E27 Bulb Kit can connect up to 99 sensors, allowing you to customise the system to your needs. Its extended range of up to 200m is ideal for protecting both the home and outbuildings in the garden, and there is a backup sim card in case the Wi-Fi fails. The siren can be battery or mains powered and there are no monthly fees involved.

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9. ERA Protect Guardian Smart Alarm System

Not just a burglar alarm, this brand-new addition to the Safe website includes cameras and a floodlight, making it a full home security system. The sensors and cameras work together to monitor your entire home.

The ERA Protect Guardian Smart Alarm System includes two ERA Protect cameras as standard but it can connect to up to four, allowing you more coverage of vulnerable areas. It works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for easy use and it’s pet friendly, not to mention there is an option of having ERA Protect Plus’ monthly subscription benefits which includes cloud back up for videos captured via the cameras (up to 7 or 30 days depending on the subscription). It also has cellular backup so that you can receive alarm notifications even when the Wi-Fi is down, and the Premium package also includes professional monitoring.

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10. Ring Alarm 5 Piece Security Kit

This security kit from Ring is wireless, pre-linked and easy to install, so you don’t need to hire anyone to do it for you. All controlled by smartphone, it means you can check in on your home from anywhere.

The Ring Alarm 5 Piece Security Kit works with Alexa, as well as being pet friendly which makes it ideal for a family home. It does work without monthly fees however there are optional benefits with the Ring Protect Plus subscription, including cellular backup so that notifications can still be received even if the Wi-Fi is down.

It also has an assisted monitoring option which automatically calls three emergency phone numbers when the alarm is triggered.

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Burglaries can happen at both day and night, even if people are working from home. It only takes a minute of the door being left unlocked or a window left ajar for a burglar to take place.

There is still a high percentage of houses with very few security measures in place, and starting with an alarm could keep people and their belongings safe over the winter and particularly Christmas.

Browse our full range of burglar alarms here with us and protect your home today.


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