Dog thefts were falling in 2019. 22% were even returned to their owners. But this year, there has been a dramatic rise in dog theft. The government announced that so far, it’s been the worst year for stolen dogs on record, after some areas saw a 250% increase.

So, to raise awareness of dog theft or dognapping, we’ve put together a guide on the best ways to help you keep your pets safe this Christmas.

State of the Nation

During lockdown, demand for dogs has risen. It has been tough on our mental and physical health, and many have found that a dog might help them through. The Kennel Club has reported a 168% increase in people searching for puppies for sale from the beginning of lockdown until the end of October, compared to the same period in 2019.

It could be this demand for dogs that has led to a significant increase in stolen pets, with some areas seeing more than double the number of dogs stolen compared to last year.

Top five cities dog theft is on a rise during 2020Number of dogs stolen during Jan and July 2019Number of dogs stolen during Jan and July 2020Percentage increase
Devon & Cornwall254788%

How you can Prevent Dog Theft

Our Property Security Report revealed that a quarter of Brits don’t have any security precautions, and only 53% feel safe in their home. The survey further uncovered that two-thirds (66%) of Brits don’t have any motion sensor lighting, 61% don’t have a garden gate lock and 80% don’t have CCTV in place.

So there’s lots of improvements to make to help keep your dog safe from thieves. Here are our top 5 tips for preventing dog theft.

  • Lighting – Installed to add to the pleasant evening aesthetics of a garden, lighting also acts as a deterrent towards burglars and gives the homeowner clearer visions of any wrongdoings in the area. There are several different types of lighting you could look at, from ambient lighting and practical lighting to security lighting. If you’re really serious about protecting your outer perimeter and deterring burglars, then smart security lighting will ensure that you can see what’s happening in your garden from your smartphone.
  • Barriers – Whether choosing a wall or fencing, barriers will protect the garden whilst also keeping the animal secure with no opportunity to escape. Be careful not to exceed two metres however, or planning permission is needed.
  • CCTV – If a burglar spots a security camera in the garden, they are less likely to consider breaking in. There is also the advantage of monitoring any outdoor space and the ability to check any previous footage to use as evidence, which could be vital with the plans to give out further sentences to pet thieves. Discover our range of CCTV and security cameras and make sure your home is protected.
  • Locks – Locking any gates with padlocks will also ensure a more difficult entrance for burglars, and could potentially put them off altogether. If you’re locking external gates, make sure there’s nothing that could aid a burglar in jumping over the fence, such as bins, trees or a lower wall.
  • Gravel – Having gravel as a path or driveway could give an early indication of someone approaching the property.

Stay safe this winter and protect your furry friend from theft. Many of the security provisions listed above are easy to install and offer a quick and affordable way of getting peace of mind when your dog is enjoying some time outside. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service team to discuss your requirements in more detail, and find the best lighting and CCTV options to suit you.

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