Burglary is a traumatic experience. Not only can it affect your physical home in terms of theft and damage, but it can also have a lasting effect on your mental health too.

We’ve put together a guide on how to create a high security home, so worrying about burglars is a thing of the past, whether you’ve been burgled before or you want to prevent it altogether.

The Perimeter

The first line of defence, the perimeter of your home, is where you might be able to deter someone before they become your burglar. As they assess the possibility of breaking into your home, you have several opportunities to discourage an unwanted intruder.

The first is through the borders on to the street. If you have tall hedges or fences, it might feel more private, but it gives the burglar the option to work on a door or window unseen. Open gardens or low fences means that they could be seen at any point.

It’s well known that CCTV is a deterrent, so if it’s a high security home that you’re looking for, then CCTV is a must. The advantages of a CCTV kits are that not only do they deter burglars from breaking in, but if they are foolhardy enough to try anyway (or haven’t assessed the opportunity properly) then it could aid in capturing your burglar.

Smart CCTV systems go one step further and allow you to monitor your home wherever you are, whether you’re in the bedroom or the other side of the world. They alert you in real time, so there’s a possibility that you could catch someone in the act.

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The Front Door

Most burglaries take place through the front door. Whether it’s because it’s been left unlocked, open or the lock has been picked, having a high security front door is the key to preventing opportunistic burglary.

Video doorbells are the latest sensation in home security. Regardless of whether you’ve left the door open or the burglar has intentions to pick the lock, a video doorbell will video anyone who approaches. Renters and homeowners are able to invest in this security measure, giving you an extra layer of protection. Video doorbells are perfect for preventing distraction burglaries too, ensuring that anyone looking to pull off this stunt will think twice. Discover the top seven of the best smart video doorbells here.

Next up in upgrading the security of your front door is a high security door lock. Your front door lock should be British Standard approved and include a deadbolt. The more complex the lock, the higher security it is, so choose a door lock that has 5 levers or above. One of the most important things about a high security front door is remembering to lock it. Too many burglaries occur because of this simplest of actions, that many people fail to do. It doesn’t matter how high security your door lock is if it is not used.

Another way that homes are targeted by burglars and thieves is through the theft of post and parcels. Around half of Brits have had a delivery stolen from their front door, and while a video doorbell will help prevent this from happening, a true high security home wouldn’t give them the option. This is where police approved post boxes and parcel keepers come in handy. They allow you to securely store parcels and mail, so they’re not left out in the open for all to see.

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Inside Security

When it comes to the inside of your home, you may worry that at this point there is nothing much you can do. If the burglar is in, they’re in. However, there are several things that you can do to dissuade your burglar from going further and actually taking any valuables or causing any damage to your home.

The first is a burglar alarm system. If the alarm box on the side of your property failed to discourage your burglar, then the siren that activates when they open that door or window may cause them to scatter. Many systems are highly sophisticated, featuring motion detection, door sensors, smoke and heat detectors, as well as the siren.

If there are particular items of value that you wish to protect, from jewellery to tech to important documents, a high security safe is the solution for you. Not only do they ensure that your valuable belongings are kept out of sight, therefore avoiding a smash and grab, but they are also highly protected. High security safes are tested and certified, so you can feel rest assured, knowing that your valuables are safe.

If you have items that are too big for a safe, or items that you wish to keep an eye on, then an indoor IP camera can help you keep an eye on it. They are also excellent for monitoring external doors or vulnerable windows.

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The Back Garden

Let’s not forget about the back garden. Just as the front has plenty of opportunity for protection, the back garden or space can be just as vulnerable.

Another deterrent, security lighting can draw attention to your garden, and therefore put potential burglars off. From ambient lighting that makes your garden enjoyable, to security lighting that ensures that you know about any movement in your garden, every little helps. Like smart CCTV systems, smart security lighting allows you to be alerted to activity from your smart phone, so you don’t even need to be in the house.

Your garden shed is a high-risk area too. Generally, they contain items of relative value, power tools, lawn mowers, etc, with little to no security. Our blog post on the subject contains 10 tips to protect your garden shed from intruders, and includes where to put your shed, and how to improve its weak points. Read it here.

High security padlocks can mean the difference between someone getting into your back garden, shed, or garden storage, and not. The more secure your padlock, the more likely a burglar will be put off from attempting a break in.

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