The Locksmith Awards

At Safe, home security is our number one priority. There are lots of things we can do as homeowners to ensure a safe home, but sometimes we need expert professionals to help.

Nothing is more important to home safety than the locks on our doors and windows, the front line of security against crime. To celebrate the skilled and professional men and women who provide these vital services we’re awarding 60 regional locksmiths as part of Safe’s Locksmith Awards 2015. We’ve named the top three locksmiths in 20 cities across the country as regional winners.


Finding a Locksmith

To help make it as easy as possible to find the best locksmith for you we’ve created a handy map with each of our trusted locksmith’s address and details easily available. We selected our winners based upon our quality checking criteria including:

  • Certification: All of our winners are certified providers by the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA).
  • Experience: We took in to account the level of experience of each locksmith as part of our selection process. Some of the locksmiths awarded have over 50 years of experience!
  • Customer testimonials: We also looked at what you said about your local business, did they offer you good service and good value? We wanted to make sure your views were part of the process as; after all, your experiences are the most important thing.


Use Certified Locksmiths

Many industries have government bodies that help to regulate levels of service. Unfortunately, locksmiths do not, which is why independent bodies like MLA (Master Locksmiths Association) are so important. Organisations like these make sure the professionals who are dealing with the sensitive task of securing our home are well trained, tested and monitored. Without this level of accountability and supervision, our home could be left vulnerable with ill-fitted locks and even multiple keys being cut without your knowledge. It’s not worth taking a risk with your home, so your locksmith should always be certified.

The MLA Organisation

All of the locksmiths featured here are approved by the MLA (Master Locksmiths Association). The MLA is the UK’s leading organisation that inspects, vets and certifies professional locksmiths. With an absence of any government approved license, the MLA provides an invaluable service as a not for profit organisation. As part of their process of certification, companies are vetted and their employees are inspected in person. All individuals must also undertake an exam based qualification to gain accreditation.


Why Call a Locksmith?

While a lot of people might only associate a locksmith with emergency entry to their home, there are a multitude of other services they provide. We’ve included just a few of those below:

  1. Open locked home and business premises: Locksmiths are probably best known for helping us in our time of need. They’re trained to be able to open up locked doors without the need of a key, with closely guarded methods only taught to trusted professionals.
  2. To open up locked vehicles: As well as homes and business, there are now businesses with dedicated car lock opening services.
  1. To fit and install new locks: Although many DIY enthusiasts may want to install locks in their own home, as registered professionals in the field, they’re the best option to make sure your home is kept safe.
  2. Install, service and open safes: Many locksmiths are also qualified to help you with your home and business safes. They can install them, service them when there may be issues and even crack them in times of emergency.
  3. Cut keys: As well as fitting locks, they can also cut new and replacement keys for you. Who better to cut your keys than an expert?

As the UK’s leading provider of security products we know about the importance of the humble lock. Home security is important to us all and we know that finding the right locksmith for your needs can be difficult. We hope that in recognising the very best of Britain’s locksmiths we are not only celebrating professional workmanship, but also providing consumers with an easy way of identifying the best option for them.

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