The name has changed..But nothing else!

If you are or have been looking for Brabantia Post Boxes you may be wondering where they have gone? The simple explanation is the name has changed to Decayeux!

Who is Decayeux?

This is the company who manufacturered the post boxes for the Brabantia brand, but as Brabantia have decided to no longer sell post boxes, Decayeux will now provide the same high quality post boxes under their own name.

The fantastic news for customers is, the name on the box is literally the only thing that has changed! All the features are exactly the same.

Decayeux are still using the same high quality pre-coated steel which makes them rainwater, rust proof and ideal for coastal areas. They still have an A4 letter slot with protective flap that does not rattle in wind and they are still secured by a key lock! In short they are the same box they have always made and still the best postbox available.

Browse the range and see for yourself here.



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