How Smart Security Helps the Elderly Stay Safe & Independent

Many of the older generation want to age gracefully in their own homes, but loss of mobility, sight and hearing may mean that it is difficult to remain independent. By equipping their homes with smart home technology, including smart security, our family members keep the power to look after themselves for longer.    

So how do we utilise smart security in this way?

Smart CCTV Cameras 

A smart CCTV system can be utilised in two ways – one to keep intruders out, and another to keep your loved ones safe. 

Wireless CCTV cameras facing the front door, the back door and in the living room would mean that you could monitor who was coming in and out, and check on your loved ones’ wellbeing. Smart security cameras will notify you to your smartphone if they detect motion or sound, so you know to check up.

Some cameras are available with two-way audio and tilt-and-turn capabilities, so if someone was to have a fall, you can communicate with them.  

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Smart Video Doorbells

They work exactly the same way as a regular doorbell, except it also has a camera and movement tracking sensors. 

It means that when someone comes to your front door, you’ll be alerted to their presence with a notification on your phone. You can set it so that it alerts the homeowner, but also a relative, if you wanted someone to keep an eye on who was calling. 

A smart doorbell will usually allow a two-way conversation as well, so you can deal with the person without physically going to the front door, making it perfect for those with mobility issues, or those who feel vulnerable to cold callers.

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Smart Door Locks

Smart locks offer a number of benefits for the older generation and their relatives. They can provide customised access, so you know exactly who can get in and out – no need to worry about who might have a key. You can give a carer a time-sensitive code so they can only access the home during certain periods, giving the resident and their loved ones peace of mind. 

Many smart locks offer a trail, so you can see who has been coming and going – which means that if the door hasn’t been unlocked for a long time, you know to check up on your older relative. 

Smart door locks also eliminate the struggle of a stiff lock or key locking and unlocking, which people with issues such as arthritis may find difficult as they age. Whether it’s a key fob or a smartphone, it’s much easier than struggling with a key.

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Smart Trackers

If you or your older relative are constantly losing your keys, or your wallet or purse, then a smart tracker could be just the thing to help. With a wide range of different sizes and types available, you simply attach it to the thing that you don’t want to lose and track it with your smartphone. 

It could also be perfect for days out or giving your loved one independence without the fear of losing them. 

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Other Smart Devices

There are of course a myriad of other smart devices that can help an older person live safely and independently for longer, such as home hubs that can help you control everything from lights to music to communication just by the sound of your voice. 

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