When you’re getting ready for your summer holiday it’s so easy to get carried away with the excitement of having the sun on your face and sand in between your toes that sometimes you forget what your leaving behind. Before you jet off into the sun it’s important to make your home as secure as possible to avoid falling victim of burglary.

Secure your windows and doors

Are they shut? It sounds obvious, but before leaving the house for your adventure away, double check all windows and doors are locked. It is also important to remember to remove the keys from the locks or where intruders can see them.

Don’t forget to check your garage door if you have one.

Don’t leave your house looking unoccupied

  1. Mow the lawn before you go, this will stop your garden looking overgrown and unkempt whilst you are away.
  2. Curtains closed or open? Here at Safe we would recommend leaving your bedroom curtains closed but your downstairs curtains open.
  3. Remember to cancel your newspapers and milk deliveries, dozens of full milk bottles on your door step is a sure sign to burglars that your house is empty.
  4. It is also a good idea to get a couple of timer switches, that way you can set your radio, television or a couple of lamps to switch on in the evenings to make your home look occupied.
  5. If you have a glass porch, you won’t be able to hide the mountain of post you’ll receive on holiday. There’s a few options to help you with this;
    • Install a large capacity post box and secure it to your wall, that way, your post is hidden from prying eyes until your return. This large Brabantia Post Box is ideal.
    • Alternatively, sign up to Royal Mail’s Keepsafe service where your mail will be held until you’re home, protecting you from burglary and potentially identity fraud.

Do you have neighbours, friends or family members popping in to feed the fish and water the plants? Rather than leaving your key under a pot outside which is likely to be found by an intruder, why not consider a mini key safe then only the people who know the code will have access to your house keys.

Secure your valuables

If in the instance your home is broken into whilst you are away on holiday, having a security safe properly bolted to a wall or floor could be the silver lining, protecting your much loved jewellery, family heirlooms and your car keys.

Top Tip: Another popular place to secure your safe is in the loft. The loft can be one of the only places burglars won’t go as once they’re in the loft they’re stuck and can’t escape.

Its important to remember that valuable items aren’t just stored in your home. Are your bikes, tools and garden equipment secure? Check out our 10 Tips to Protect your Garden Shed from Intruders.

A car can easily be one of the most expensive items you own and one you are most reliant on. If you are leaving your car in your driveway whilst your away, it might be a good idea to fix a wheel clamp or steering lock to reduce the risk of burglars breaking in and driving off with your car.

Install a home alarm system

A home alarm system isn’t just good to protect your home during a holiday, its a useful gadget to have whilst you go to work for the day, pop out to the shop or turn on before you go to bed at night. The use of the door and window contacts and PIR motion detectors can protect all vulnerable places around your home. When the alarm is armed and motion is detected, the external siren will sound. Plus with this SmartPhone alarm from Yale, you’ll be notified straight to your phone when the alarm has been triggered.

Do you already have a home alarm? When was the last time you had your home alarm serviced? Go on your summer holiday with peace of mind that your home alarm system is protecting your home and belongings by getting it serviced.

Install a home CCTV system

A CCTV system won’t stop burglars breaking in, but it will help the police catch your burglar and hopefully bring your stolen items back to you. This wi-fi enabled CCTV kit is designed for internal use and starts to record when motion is detected and allows for immediate viewing on your SmartPhone using the Yale Home View App – from anywhere in the world.

Top Tip: Try to conceal your CCTV cameras as much as possible to prevent intruders spotting them and removing incriminating evidence.

Don’t tweet the burglar

Before you go on holiday its worth checking who exactly can see your social media profiles. To avoid the general public and potential burglars viewing your holiday pictures, knowing that you are away from home, set your Facebook account to “friends only” and enable “protect my tweets” on Twitter. This will only allow your friends and followers to view your social media accounts and those much envied holiday snaps! Have a look at A Guide to Keeping Safe on Social Media for more information.

Most importantly, sit back and enjoy your holiday knowing your home is secured!




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