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There’s an ongoing debate about whether security lights really provide any benefits. However, here at Safe, we believe that security lights, when used correctly, will deter thieves and burglars.

The Pros & Cons of Security Lighting 


  • Burglar deterrent

In 2017, Co-op interviewed ex-burglars to discuss what deterred them from breaking into a home and found that motion-activated security lights were in the top 10 deterrents.

Outdoor lighting has been known to cut crime by up to 39% in the US, and there’s little reason for it to be any different over here.

  • Energy-saving [motion-detection]

Having a light on all night would rack up the energy bills, so motion-detecting lights provide the deterrent to burglars without using lots of electricity.


  • Can be annoying to residents & neighbours

A con of motion-detection security lights is that they can go off for seemingly no reason, which can cause an annoyance.


Placement Around the House

When it comes to placement, the key is to think about areas that are vulnerable but are also in view. There’s little point in illuminating an area if it’s not overlooked, because if a burglar doesn’t feel exposed and potentially under someone’s watchful view, they’re not going to be deterred.

The areas you should think about covering:

  • The entrance
  • Down the side of the house, if it’s overlooked/visible from the street
  • Above any gates
  • Where you park your cars
  • Garage

All home entrances should be covered with lighting, whether it’s security lighting or a wall light for practical reasons. This means that your entrances will be illuminated whether it’s a wanted or unwanted guest that approaches your home.

Burglars will always try doors and windows to see if they’ve accidentally been left open, so if you illuminate them, they’re less likely to try in case they’re seen doing so.

Top 5 Products

  1. Yale All-in-One HD 1080p Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Camera

An all in one product that boasts a HD video recording camera, an alarm siren as well as a motion detection spotlight. It’s easy to set up and you can monitor the footage on your smartphone.


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  1. Imou Floodlight Security Cam

Brand new on the website, this floodlight security camera provides excellent value for money. It features a security camera with two ultra-bright motion-activated floodlights, a built-in microphone and speaker, and a 110-decibel siren.


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  1. EZVIZ Full HD Outdoor Smart Security Cam, with Siren & Strobe Light

This robust security camera, featuring a strobe security light and a siren, allows you to view video on your phone.


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  1. Ring Battery Spotlight Camera

This battery-powered smart security light is designed for outdoor use and is perfect for renters or those who don’t want to mess about with wiring.


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  1. Ring Flood Light Camera

This ultra-bright floodlight camera has two motion-detecting lights, a 1080p resolution recording camera, and an integrated siren alarm. You can set the lights to trigger on detection of motion, but you can also schedule them to turn on at a specific time.


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