The Locked In Craze

If you’re not already aware, a new craze is sweeping the nation: you and a group of friends, 60 minutes on the clock, a bunch of cryptic puzzles and a creepy room. Can you escape being locked in? Find your nearest escape room below.

Live Room Escape Games

The premise takes us back to the days of ‘Crystal Maze’, and being entertained watching an unassuming group take on cryptic puzzles and solve clues to find their way to a cash prize. The only difference here is there’s no cash prize, and sadly no Richard O’Brien. But that’s not to say we’re not all partial to a good puzzle solving session!

There are hundreds of live action escape room games popping up across the country, but here’s a se-lock-tion to get you started.

So get your most logical friends together and see how quickly you can solve the puzzles and escape the room to avoid being locked in.

*Prices correct as of September 2016

Find Your Nearest Experience

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