Smart Security on a budget

The Yale Smart Living WI-Fi Enabled IP Camera is a web based camera that captures high definition footage for immediate viewing on your SmartPhone. This IP camera allows you to keep an eye on your home when you’re not there, without costing the earth. The set up is easy to ensure you’ll be up and running in no time and the app is free to download. The camera also includes some impressive features with an incorporated mic and speaker system which allows you to hear and talk back.

The camera can be angled to your desired location but if you would prefer to change the viewing angle remotely, there is a pan tilt & zoom version available in this range.

Pros: HD720 footage, price, mic and speaker, wide viewing angle
Cons: Indoor use only
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Smart Door

With the Yale Conexis L1 Smart Lock, keys become a thing of the past as your Smartphone becomes your new front door key. The very latest in door security by Yale is their most advanced Smart Lock to date. There’s a free Bluetooth app to download which enables access to your property by simply twisting your Smartphone 90 degrees over the lock reader. The lock is also designed for use with a range of keyfobs, key cards and key tags, giving you full control of how you want to open the door and there are no keys and no codes to remember. This smart door lock is easy to install and only requires basic DIY skills.

The Yale Keyfree is a preferable option if you would rather use a keypad to open the door but that lock requires professional installation by a Yale engineer.

Pros: Easy install, price, features. flexibility
Cons: No key override, no keypad



Smart Home

The ERA Invicible Wireless SmartPhone Alarm is a dual network alarm with integrated mobile phone technology. This particular system is more than just a home alarm. It’s a home monitoring system which allows you to monitor, secure and communicate with your home remotely. The ERA invincible emits a loud siren once triggered and sends notifications to your phone via text message or push notifications from the Smart App depending on your preference. The control panel includes a mic and speaker system allowing you to hear and talk back when needed.

There are also three other models available in the ERA Wireless Alarms range.

Pros: mic and speaker, customised notifications, range of accessories
External siren is purchased separately



Smart Monitoring

The Yale Smart HD1080 – 2 Camera CCTV Kit is a high definition CCTV kit offering HD resolution recording and playback via your TV or SmartPhone. The cameras are fully weatherproof and are designed to be installed to the outside of your property to monitor key areas such as front and back doors or outbuildings such as a shed or garage. The cameras also include night vision technology to provide crystal clear recordings at night and with a 2TB hard drive, the DVR will store several days worth of record footage at a time.

This model is also available in a 4 camera kit.

Pros: Large hard drive, HD recording, night vision
Cons: Wired cameras



Money no object?

The Yale Smart Home Alarm, View & Control Kit is the ultimate Smart Home alarm kit which includes a wide range of accessories such as PIR motion sensors, image camera, door contacts and a keypad. This kit can also be expanded to add addition accessories to tailor this alarm to your specific needs. PIR Video cameras can be added to your alarm system which will send a short video clip once motion is detected, showing who exactly is in your property and what they are up to. You can set up the Smartphone app to send you notifications when the alarm is triggered meaning that you can monitor your home from anywhere in the world, all you need is a Smartphone and the internet for complete control.

The Yale Smart Home range allows you to connect other devices together so that you can control every aspect of your home security in one place. You can connect a Smart CCTV Kit, Smart Alarm and a Smart Door Lock together and control them in one Smartphone app.

Pros: Product connectivity, ease of use, image camera, optional video camera, no wires
Cons: Ethernet cable required for Hub




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