Phoenix Titan 1282e Reviewed

For this expert staff review I’m going to take a closer look at the Phoenix Titan 1282ea safe that offers both fire and burglary protection, perfect for the home or office.

With a £2,000 insurance rating and a 60 minutes fire rating, the Phoenix Titan 1282e is a popular choice for customers who want to protect relatively low value possessions and important documents such as birth certificates and passports.

It’s not always possible with fire safes, but this one is suitable to be bolted to a solid surface with holes in the base of the safe. If you feel that you need more fire protection than 60 minutes, take a look at our range of safes with high fire protection.

What's good

  • Fire Protection With 60 minutes fire protection, this safe offers a decent level of protection for CD’s, memory sticks and paper. There are higher levels of fire protection available but 60 minutes should give you enough time before the fire service arrives.
  • Price The Phoenix Titan 1282e is competitively priced compared to other similar models. There are some safes on the market offering a lower fire protection at a higher price.
  • Features This safe comes with some great additional features. There is a pull out tray, an adjustable shelf and a key hook rack, which all help to keep your items organised. There is  an integral alarm system which emits a high volume siren to deter possible criminal action. The LED display clearly shows the code that has been entered and batteries can be changed from the outside, so that battery failure is never a reason to get locked out. In case of emergency, the master re-set code will allow you access so that you can change the code.
  • Reliability Above and beyond many other safe manufacturers, Phoenix offer a two year warranty period for all of their safes rather than just one year. Phoenix also offer a life time ‘after fire replacement guarantee’ which covers the expense of replacing this safe after a fire.
  • Installation At 34kg it is possible for this safe to be taken away by a burglar so it is vitally important to bolt the safe down. Phoenix have recognised this with the provision to bolt the safe down to the floor via the pre-drilled holes in the base and the fixing kit that is supplied. It’s worth mentioning that not all fire safes can be bolted down, so this is a definite advantage.

What's not so good

  • Internal space Because of the fire protection, the walls are quite thick leaving you with less internal space than you might realise. Pay close attention to the internal dimensions on the website if you have something specific that you wish to store inside. The larger Phoenix Titan 1283e safe might be of interest if you need more storage space.


There are definitely more things to like than not to like with the Phoenix Titan 1282e. It’s a good safe with some great features. The fire protection and insurance rating offered make this a decent option for home use or even the office for keeping low amounts of cash or paperwork protected from fire.

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