You probably take it for granted, but the fact that most letter boxes are a standard size makes processing and delivering your post more efficient, and helps prevent damage to your deliveries. The standard letter box size varies by region, and while the UK has not adopted the European standard into legislation, most letterboxes made today fall in line with the standard sizes they define. So what size letter box should you buy?

The European standard for letter boxes, EN 13724:2002 “Postal services – Apertures of private letter boxes and letter plates – Requirements and test methods” specifies among other things: that envelope size C4 (229 mm × 324 mm) must be deliverable without bending or damage; that the internal volume must able to hold at least a 40 mm high bundle of C4 envelopes; an aperture width of either 230–280 mm (> C4 width) or 325–400 mm (> C4 height); an aperture height of 30–35 mm; a mounting height of between 0.7 and 1.7 m for the aperture; and various privacy, theft-protection, rain protection, vandalism resistance and corrosion-resistance test requirements.

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There’s no legal requirement in the UK to follow the specifications set out in current European Standard covering Private Letter Boxes which for ergonomic and safety reasons specifies the height, positioning and design of post boxes in order that the safe delivery of Mail can be made without the risk of injury.

The US Postal Service also has established postal delivery guidelines for its various residential and business customers, including mail box size, location, and identification requirements.

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