Today letter boxes are a very common thing and we can find them any where such as office, home, garden or on every corner of the street. In the United Kingdom it still seems to be the ‘slot-in-the-door’ or the ‘slot-in-the-gate’ type letterbox that reigns while in US there is the standard type rural mail box.

The wooden mailbox is more likely to be found in Australasia. Back in the early sixties, most houses had a wooden letterbox, as opposed to a metal or brick type, which is more common today.

Making a do-it-yourself letter box is a cost-effective way of replacing an old or damaged one. You can make a basic box shape, or turn the letter box into a focal point by designing it as an animal, for example. A wooden box is easy to construct using scrap wood and some basic tools.
Create a design for your letter box on paper. You can be creative when designing your wooden letter box. A basic design is a wooden box with a slit in the top, mounted on a post or attached to a wall. Then, add the dimensions of the letter box on the diagram. The mail box itself needs to be big enough to hold letters, newspapers and parcels.

Cut the pieces of wood for the box to size. Paint the wooden pieces in a color of your choice and personalize your post box with your house number on the front. Attach the lid of the letter box with a hinge.


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