Securikey Mini Vault Deposit 2EThe Safe Shop is pleased to announce the launch of our latest range of deposit safes from Securikey. Available with either key lock or battery powered electronic combination lock this great range of deposit safes is ideal for any business and starts from only £169.00 including free UK delivery.

The Mini Vault Deposit Safes are available in two sizes, small and large. The smaller model includes a letter slot deposit which is 20mm high making it ideal for cash and envelopes. The larger model incorporates a drawer style deposit trap measuring 100mm in height and 250mm wide allowing for bulky deposits such as jiffy bags or coin deposit capsules.

Ideal for use in retail shops – any company which has a high turnover of cash through tills should seriously consider buying a cash deposit safe. The benefit other than keepinSecurikey Mini Vault Deposit 1Kg cash or valuables safe and secure is the fact that only the key or PIN code holder has access to the deposit safe contents whereas many different people can drop cash or valuables into the safe. A deposit safe is also ideal when the key holder is not available.

Take a look at the Mini Vault Deposit Safes or our complete range of Deposit Safes.


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