34162Access, security and design are three important factors to consider when choosing the right post box but all too often they let us down by letting in rain water, something that is often overlooked until you are salvaging soaked letters from your post box. For years there has been an inherent problem with some mail boxes where mail is getting wet due to the lid ratting in the wind and letting in rain water. We’ve listened to our customers and have designed a range of post boxes to solve the problem.

We’ve launched our own range of post boxes called Jupiter and Saturn which are available in standard and XL sizes. The Saturn post boxes include a front loading A4 envelope slot and the Jupiter includes a top loading letter slot. Each mail box is fitted a unique magnetic letter slot to prevent from rattling in the wind which can let rain water in.

Because these are our own post boxes, we’ve been able to choose which features we feel are important. The post boxes are a constructed from high quality steel and are amongst our most affordable range of post boxes. We’ve also addressed the damage in transit issue which causes a massive inconvenience for our customers and a strain on our customer service department. Each post box is securely packed in double corrugated cardboard packaging with plastic corner protectors on each side to ensure that damage in transit is unlikely.


with labels

51qmlUWuEzL._SY300_Magnetic lid
The letter flap on each model has magnets to ensure that it stays closed in the wind and does not let in rain water. This unique system will ensure that your post will remain dry even in extreme weather conditions.

perspexFront loading and top loading
Choose from either a top loading letter slot in the Jupiter post boxes or a front loading letter slot in the Saturn post boxes.

Perspex name plate window
Each model includes a Perspex name plate window allowing you to personalise your post box.

Key Locking
Each model is secured cam lock which is the most common form of post box lock. The cam is fixed to the core of the lock which is rotated with the key to lock or unlock the post box. Each model is supplied with 2 keys.

34192A4 letter slot
Both sizes of the Saturn and Jupiter post boxes include a large letter slot which is large enough to take A4 letters or magazines.

Rainwater proof and rustproof
Galvanised steel construction and a quality paint finish ensure the post box will not rust over time. Due to the magnets that are include on the letter flap also make the post box rainwater proof.


For more information or to purchase one of our new post boxes click here.

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