Securing your valuables means peace of mind. Thieves and opportunists are at work, there’s no getting away from that fact. There are many who have regretted not taking precautionary steps until it’s too late. Why suffer the same fate? There are great, affordable ways to protect your things at home or in the office, some are even quite creative!

For instance, there are decoy safes that are easily assimilated into the home and they can take the shape of everyday household products. Some of the items I’ve seen include Candles, Heinz tomato soup and even shaving aerosol cans!  Safes like these are great for protecting credit cards, car keys, cash and other smaller valuables.

Key safes are also good for storing confidential items. You can get key cabinets if you have multiple keys you want to store safely, whether for work or at home.

For safes with bigger storage you have security cupboards and cabinets with key locks or electronic combination locks. You can also get a range of them which are fire resistant, which is more necessary than some might think. In 2010-2011, there were 36,000 reported household fires according to the department for communities and local government, so it definitely pays to have added protection.

There are fireproof filing cabinets available that can store large volumes of documents; they’re good and convenient for use in the office and at home. Functions brilliantly as a storage space for work but with the advantage of securing your files at the same time.

While we’re on the subject of file protection, you can protect posted documents even before it reaches your hands with mail boxes. From plastic to stainless steel casings, you can ensure important mail gets to you. There are also multi occupancy post boxes which are suitable for office blocks or flat apartments.

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