The last fews days, gold rush for the British Olympic teams! So far 6 gold medals and hopefully more to come! Team GB are finally earning their gold medals at the London 2012 Olympics in rowing, cycling, canoe slalom, shooting and to commemorate the gold medal winners Royal Mail will be producing a special stamp collection.

So far there will be commemorative stamps will be for:

  • Katherine Granger & Anna Watkins (Double Skulls Rowing)
  • Helen Glover & Heather Stanning
  • Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny & Philips Hindes  (Track cycling)
  • Peter Wilson (Shooting)
  • Time Baillie & Etienne Stott (Double Canoe Slalom)
  • Bradley Wiggins (Road Cycling)

 The Royal Mail is ready and waiting to produce the stamps and will be available at 500 post offices around noon, the next day after the medal has been won. Not only will the gold medal winners have their own stamps on sale but the post boxes in the athlete’s home town will be painted gold.

Make sure to check out the Olympic stamp collection as these would make a great and unique souvenir or present to remember the London 2012. And what a collection it would be! It will be special to receive an Olympic stamp in the mail box.

Keep going Team GB!

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