A recent report in the Sunday times describes how ‘banks are pulling out of safety deposit services’. Barclays customers have been advised that they have to find alternative storage for their belongings within the next 6 months. Lloyds TSB have stopped offering this service to new customers only and other banks set to follow suit before the end of the year.

This latest blow by the UK banks has caused distress to customers who are worried that their valuable and expensive items are now at risk. Customers who rely on this service are left with little alternative to ensure their treasured items are kept safe.

Department store Harrods are said to be offering a safety deposit box option in their underground vault, but there is currently a long waiting list for this service.

High value items such as jewellery are usually insured against theft. One of the terms from the insurance company is that they are kept safe in a secure storage unit that has been tested and certified to protect the value of these items.

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