C500 Key Safe Review

Today I’m going to be casting my expert eye on the C500 Police Approved key safe, a high security, robust key safe which is approved by the police via the Secured by Design police initiative.

This key safe is designed for storing keys and is the ideal solution for use with care workers, workmen or people who forget their keys regularly. Common with most keys safes, this is supplied with a masonry DIY fixing kit and a waterproof protective cover.

What's good

  • Police approved This is the only key safe currently on the market that is approved by the police. This key safe is certified by the ‘Secured by design initiative’ which is the official police crime prevention scheme. I like the fact that this is approved by the police. Peace of mind is extremely important and given that a security product is police approved you know that it is secure and safe.
  • Size The internal space is much better than some key safes on the market as you can keep up to 6 front door keys. there is also a handy key hook inside which prevent your keys from falling out when you open the door.
  • Ease of use Setting the code is extremely easy and the day to day operation is really simple making this a suitable product for the elderly or disabled. The door is hinged at the bottom meaning the front door doesn’t come off in your hand and will not get lost. The code will not scramble until you have locked it again by twisting the the open/close handle. This is an advantage over other key safes on the market with require you to enter the code again in order to lock it unless you keep your finger on the open button whilst you get the keys out.
  • Security This key safe is robust and is built to last. with a weight of just under 2kg, it gives you reassurance that this is a quality heavy duty security item. This is a strong product that will not be easily broken in to.
  • Fitting Supplied with this key safe is a set of 4 heavy duty masonry bolts which are much more substantial than most other key safes on the market. Once installed correctly, this would take some considerable force to be removed. The installation will require a 5mm masonry drill bit and basic DIY skills to complete.

What's not so good

  • Price There is no denying that this is the most expensive key safe on our website. Although we are competitively priced for the C500 you will still be paying at least £40 more than with the cheaper key safes on the website.
  • Front cover The plastic waterproof cover can snap on the hinges if forced which is also the case for key safes with a rubber cover. Rubber does offer more flexibility but can also snap over time. I honestly feel that the cover is more than adequate, but we have had to replace the cover for customers in the past. If used correctly, the cover will provide weather protection and discretion.


The C500 Police appoved key safe is currently the only unit on the market with some accreditation. Most people will buy this one simply because it is recommended by the police which gives this product massive credibility. It is more expensive than other key safes but it is well worth the money for added peace of mind that your are buying the strongest key safe available. This is the ultimate key safe for outdoor use and I would recommend this model above any other to anybody who wanted a key safe.

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