Residents with medical conditions from a US city can now be better protected in the event of an emergency. The Fort Myers Fire Department (Florida) has launched a new program for such residents who may not be able to open their own doors during a medical emergency, according to a city press release. The Fire Department has established the Residential Knox Box Program which is a high security key safe that only Fort Myers Firefighters and Paramedics can access. With this box in place, emergency responders can respond quickly, without forcing entry. They simply remove the entrance key stored inside, provide medical assistance and re-lock the door when they leave.

The Residential Knox Box is ideal for individuals with a history of medical problems, recuperating from a hospital stay, living alone or using an electronic calling or medical alert service.

The key safes cost about $170 each, but the fire department has a few loaner boxes available for those with immediate needs. Those interested must apply, and their qualifications will be determined by fire department personnel.

A key safe offers a discrete way of providing property access without compromising security. A master key safe comes in different sizes to accommodate large or multiple keys.

Most of them are suitable for outdoor use, fitted to a wall or portable – fixed by padlock shackle, sometimes including night light; designed to store 1, 2, 4, 7, 10+ keys or 24 key hooks.

Key safes are also efficient for the property maintenance. “We have found a key safe useful where various tradesmen enter our properties to undertake necessary repairs and inspections,” said a property maintenance manager.

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    Those heavy duty keysafes are particularly good at resisting destructive attacks by crooks.


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