week 2 pictureWeek 2 of National Home Security Month focuses primarily on door and window security. The fact that 73% of burglars gain entry via the door outlines the importance of having adequate front door locks. Many people do not seem to be aware that having a secure front door is the key to having a secure home with a reported 1 in 3 people admitting to leaving their door unlocked while they leave the house. If the locks on your doors are outdated and do not meet the latest security standards, it could take a burglar less than 60 seconds to break in.

We recommend…

  • That all final exit doors are secured with insurance approved locks, conforming to British Standard BS3621.
  • That doors are locked at all times – even when you are in the house.
  • That additional security such as chains and spy holes are installed.
  • That at least one lock is fitted on each window.

Criminals are always developing new skills to combat the security measures in place but upgrading to a British standard lock will add security and reduce the risk of crime.

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