Phoenix Coloured Safes Reviewed

Today I’m going to be casting my expert eye on the My First Safe Series by Phoenix, a range of low cost home safes with a battery powered combination keypad and a handy money slot. There are 3 fun colours to choose from with bubblegum pink, sunshine yellow and sky blue available.

But are they more than just a bit of fun?

What's good

  • DesignLet’s face it; safes are normally pretty boring to look at but these are pretty cool. There are 3 great colours to choose from and a handy money slot for coins. I personally prefer the sky blue version but that’s down to personal preference.
  • Electronic lockI prefer a keypad over a basic key lock because you can change the code to something that only you will know.
  • Ease of useThe keypad is extremely user friendly and you can set your own code between 3-8 digits. You can change the code as often as you like and don’t worry if you forget your code or if the batteries run flat because these safes are supplied with 2 back up keys. Make sure you don’t lock them inside the safe though!
  • FittingThere are pre-drilled fixing holes in the back as well as the bottom so you can secure the safe to the wall or floor. See our handy How to install a safe video to pick up one or two pointers.
  • ReliabilityFor such a low priced product, we receive a surprising low number of faulty units and rarely need to send replacements. If you do find a fault however, the safe is covered by a 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

What's not so good

  • SecurityThe thing to remember is this will keep out most opportunist thieves but given the right tools and time, eventually it can be opened. This is a low security safe and should not be used for storing anything of great value.
  • HandleThe handle is quite small and fiddly. You need to place your fingertips in the grooves and turn which might be difficult for elderly users. This safe would have been better if it was fitted with a knob or proper handle.
  • Back up keysThese can be useful but they are often misplaced or accidentally thrown away with the packaging. It’s also common for people to lock them inside the safe for safe keeping. These need to be kept hidden and away from the safe.


You get what you pay for security wise. These safes are not for expensive jewellery but are ideal of small amounts of cash and maybe a passport or birth certificate. The My First Safe series are amongst our best-selling small safes because they are cheap and colourful. Because of the fun colours, they are perfect as a first safe or as a Christmas or Birthday present and they are certainly safer than a piggy bank.

To see more information or to purchase one of these colourful safes click here.