Smart Technology for Homes

‘Smart Technology’ – you’ve probably heard this buzzword quite a lot in the last few years. Whether it’s your smartphone switching on your home’s heating, or your TV updating you on your washing machine’s laundry cycle, it has slowly crept into our everyday routine. This trend in technology looks to evolve even more in 2017 with the development of smart cities, which many hope will be the answer to the majority of our environmental worries. In truth, it’s amazing to think that while we are still in the relatively early stages of this, we are well on our way to being part of a world where we are all connected via smart technology.

With this advancement, more often than not when you hear about smart technology, it revolves around security systems or other home improvements. Many see these as a huge improvement as it makes securing your home even easier, especially with how cost-effective some of these systems are. However, if you want to know more about this trend or are looking to update your security with the help of smart technology, we’re here to help. Here at, we’ve put together some advice and tips on all things smart security. So, have a little read.

What is Smart Technology?

Smart Technology is any piece of home or security hardware that can communicate with other items around the home. They are often controlled via a smartphone, using either Bluetooth, near field communication, or an internet connection. These decides are roughly classified as part of the “internet of things”, which is a range of soon-to-be or existing pieces of tech that improves our everyday way of life. Although you can draw smart technology back to the very early stages of the home internet, over the last decade it’s made a huge jump where what was once a mere idea of the future, it is now very much becoming a reality.

Smart technology has allowed us to improve our everyday devices, including home security – which is the aspect of smart technology we like to think we specialise in!

What Types of Smart Security are available?

Smart locks and internet connected security cameras are the most popular smart devices, however smart technology also lets you control home alarm systems. Luckily, over the years these have also become another cost-effective approach to protecting your home from potential intruders as well. Here’s a list of what smart security systems are readily available to you:

Wireless Alarm Kits – Alarm systems have become a real advantage to homeowners with the introduction of smart technology. Smart alarm kits come complete with a smart hub that connects to your wi-fi, which then connects the rest of the devices in the kit. In addition to this, they also feature motion sensors that can be placed discreetly in your home, a door sensor, a keypad control that arms and disarms the alarm with a PIN code, and finally an outside siren box.  A kit is especially handy if you have a larger home as they can be placed anywhere, not to mention they can be completely controlled by an iPhone or other smartphone.

Smart Locks – Fast becoming a replacement for the standard front door lock, most smart locks mean you don’t even have to use a key, unless you want to. What makes these even more advanced than your typical deadbolt is that they can alert homeowners of anyone who enters or leaves the home, or limit the access to only trusted visitors. As well as this, there are also smart padlocks for locking away your valuables which can track whoever tries to open it via the Master Lock Vault app. That’s especially handy if you’re frequently out and about!

Again, smart locks are compatible with smart home systems such as Wink and Apple Homekit and can be controlled through a smartphone. However, if you prefer having a physical key then you’re in luck, as smart locks can also be easily opened and locked with remote key-fobs or key cards.

Smart CCTV Cameras – Particularly ideal if you want to keep an eye on your home while you’re out of the house, smart CCTV cameras allow you to watch live streams of home footage from your smartphone or tablet via an app. Or as an alternative, you can receive text messages with alerts from your camera if it picks up any movement. What makes these appealing for homeowners is that these discreet cameras can be placed either outside or inside your home too. Just make sure you choose an indoor or weatherproof camera when buying one.

The attraction behind having a smart CCTV camera is that they are a cost-effective way of protecting your home on your terms. Also, as there’s no professional installation required, you can easily set up a smart camera anywhere in your home without it becoming an eyesore.

Why Would I Want Smart Security in My Home?

In short, smart security systems put the ease back into safeguarding your home from any unexpected guests. With their special features, you can keep track with live updates via your phone. As an example, if you are away from your home a lot due to work, you can monitor your home while you’re working. In the past, smart security was on the costlier side, but as this technology has progressed the ballpark price for most smart security devices and kits is around the £200-300 mark. Which means even those on a budget can protect their homes and have peace of mind.


One thing to keep in mind if you are planning to have smart security in your home is the compatibility between each device. Although all of our security devices can be controlled via an app, it’s good to be aware that others work with certain hubs such as Nest, Homekit, Amazon Alexa and IFITT. These hubs connect a variety of appliances as well as your security ones, so when looking into buying smart security we’d advise that you check to see what compatibility options you have.

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