Want a post box? Read our guide.

A quick note before you dive in: all our postboxes conform to European Standard EN 13724. This ensures sufficient space for your post and means A4 envelopes can be posted without having to be bent or folded. Happy browsing.

What type should I buy?

Postboxes come in all shapes, sizes and specifications. We've got a broad, good-looking range for you here with all kinds of features. Check them out.


Weatherproof, rust-resistant, these are built to take whatever the weather throws at them. Each one comes with a kit so you can fix them to exterior walls.
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You can either mount these on walls indoors, or choose one with a slot to line up with your letter plate. These aren't designed to withstand our Great British weather. Indoor use only!
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Through The Wall

These are built into a brick wall and work a bit like a chute. You then retrieve your post from the rear opening door. Totally secure.
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Need one postbox to serve a number of people? These have flat edges inside to accommodate multiple boxes, which can be placed either side by side or above and below. Ideal for apartment blocks with a communal entrance.
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US Mail

Iconic, curved, these mailboxes have a large door at the front for letters and small packages. The only drawback is you can't lock them. Ideal in an area where you know your post will be safe.
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Letter Box Cages

Are your cat's claws or dog's jaws a liability? These fit onto the inside of your door to catch post that comes through the letter slot. No more rips or teeth marks.
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Rear Access

These are useful for fitting to a fence or railings. You access your post from a door that opens only on the back.
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Large Capacity

Do you receive lots of post? Or are you going away for a while and don't want to advertise your absence with an overflowing postbox? Try this. It's designed for letters only, not parcels or packages.
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Parcel Boxes

Big enough for small parcels, these often come with a smart relocking device to stop items being stolen. No more missed deliveries or trips to the sorting office.
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