Choose from a wide range of lockers when you shop with Safe. With plastic and metal lockers available, designed for school, offices, changing rooms and more, you're sure to find the right storage lockers for your requirement. Order yours today.

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For lockers and storage in the UK we supply a wide range of models suitable for every need. Our vast range of lockers include steel door lockers and clear door - easy view lockers. Our steel lockers are perfect for school use and are available in different sizes and different door combinations. Single door full length models and also 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 door lockers.

We sell a large range of Cloakroom Furniture designed to complement our lockers which includes changing room benches and seats, coat hooks and fully assembled cloakroom seating with overhead hanging rails. Our complete range of cloakroom furniture can be colour coded to match our lockers but also works well on its own.

Our lockers can be put to many uses in the workplace and are very popular for staff to store personal effects. The most popular use however is in the education sector such as schools and colleges. Our 4 and 5 compartment lockers available in a wide range of colours with key lock or combination provide the perfect place to pupils to store text books and other equipment. Our cube lockers are also very popular in play schools and nurseries.

Our work wear and uniform lockers are ideal for staff who need somewhere to store clothes when in uniform. This type of locker is used in the food industry and police and fire organisations. We even provide a locker specifically designed to store large bulky uniforms and lockers with twin compartments suitable for a change of clothes.

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