Choosing the Right Safe

Whether you're protecting valuables, documents, or family heirlooms, our easy buying guide will help you choose the right protection to meet your security needs.

How to Buy

Before you buy, consider these simple questions to help you find the perfect safe.

What do you want
to put in the safe?

Cash and valuables,
documents or media

What do you want
protection from?

Burglary, fire
or both

How do you want
the safe to open?

Key, PIN code
or fingerprint

You should also bear in mind the value of the goods you'll store in the safe, how large it needs to be to store them and where you want to put it - remember a safe is generally much smaller on the inside compared to its overall size!

Lastly, what's your budget? We have over 1000 different safes to choose from so there's something to suit every pocket.

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