Buying a new safe? Read our guide.

A safe can become an integral part of your home or office security if you know what to look for. This user-friendly guide will tell you all you need to know before you buy.

Choosing a Security Safe

Whatever your needs or purposes, there's a security safe to suit you.

home safes

Home or Office Safes

These are the most common and popular type of safe. You can bolt these to a solid floor or wall via pre-drilled fixing holes.

laptop safes

Laptop Safes

Specifically designed for laptop computers, these are shaped so that a laptop can easily fit through the opening.

floor & wall safes

Floor & Wall Safes

You can build some of these into the floor or wall, and cover them with a painting or rug for a bit of extra protection from burglars.

deposit safes

Deposit Safes

If you handle cash during work hours, we recommend a deposit safe. You can deposit cash and valuables without having to open the door, which makes life easier.

hotel safes

Hotel Safes

Designed for hotels, these include a 'guest-programmable pin' facility for guests to enter their own code. When a guest leaves, the door should be left open.

gun safes

Gun Safes

Shotgun cabinets and safes are designed and approved for shotgun and rifle storage. Many of our gun safes are Police approved and comply with British Standard BS 7558/92.

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