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Our range of secure storage includes everything from site boxes & van vaults to COSHH storage & medical cabinets. Handpicked by our experts, finding the right solution for your needs is easy with us. Browse the secure storage range today.

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Secure Storage

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of security products that extend from home security into trade and specialist industries. Whether you need to store and arrange keys in a key cabinet, prevent access to medication with a lockable medicine cabinet, or protect work tools in a dedicated van box, we stock the highest quality products that will meet your needs.

For offices and IT reliant businesses, we stock a wide range of laptop trolleys, lockers, and safes to protect your data and property from loss. For paper documents our exam paper cabinets are an excellent option for protecting important documents against loss, fire damage, and unauthorised access.

Industrial companies have a range of products available to them depending upon their secure storage needs. We offer market leading security products for the storage of flammable substances, tools and site equipment, hazardous materials, and gas cylinders. If you need any advice, or are uncertain which products will best meet your needs, our team of expert advisors are happy to help; contact us for assistance.

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