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Fireproof Filing Cabinets

Protect important business documents and records from fire damage or loss with our range of secure fireproof filing cabinets. Fire resistant for up to 2 hours, and delivered free in the UK.

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  • 60-120 minutes fire protection
  • Lightweight construction
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Fire Filing Cabinets

Fire not only causes loss to property and belongings, but this damage can become even more costly when paper documents are also destroyed. Property deeds, legal documents, and important paperwork make fireproof filing cabinets a vital addition to a business’ or office’s security.

Using special fire-resistant materials, our filing cabinets provide the same functionality of their less secure equivalents. Fireproof filing cabinets can protect paperwork from fire damage for up to 120 minutes, unlike a traditional unit.

For smaller spaces and offices, a single or two drawer cabinet can protect your most important documents within a small space. Alternatively, our fire-resistant lateral filing cabinets can prevent fire damage for smaller quantities of vital paperwork. For more extensive protection for a large number of records, a 4 drawer filing cabinet may be required.

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