Home Security

From burglar alarms to closed circuit television, home security products help deter potential offenders and secure your property.

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Home Security

The first step in protecting your possessions from thieves is protecting your property. Our home security products includes a wide range of CCTV and home alarm systems, to discourage and prevent intruders.

With homes that use additional home security measures 5 times less likely to be burgled, a visible home alarm is a sound investment. If you are away from the property for an extended period of time, then a smart home alarm and IP camera setup will alert you if an intruder enters the property, via email or text.

If an intruder does bypass your home security system, our range of safes can stop thieves escaping with valuables. Meanwhile, to secure your vehicle against burglars, a key safe can prevent access to your vehicle by intruders who steal keys. Parking posts, wheel clamps, and hitch locks can then prevent the car being stolen.

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